Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead
November 2nd 5-9pm

Come honor your ancestors in our Festival of Altars.
Ven a honrar tus ancestors en nuestro Festival de Altares

Day of the Dead is a day to celebrate the life of those who came before us. We will have a spiral of family altars and as well a large community altar in the gazebo.
El Dia de Muertos es un dia para celebrar la vida, de los que vinieron antes que nosotros. Tendremos una espiral de altares familiares y también un altar comunal en el gazebo

Bring any type of offering from a Photograph, a candle, flowers, food or their favorite object and help us build a beautiful Community Altar.
Trae cualquier tipo de ofrenda, desde una fotografía, candelas, flores o su objeto favorito y ayudanos a construir un hermoso Altar comunal.

Everyone is welcome, all peoples and backgrounds
Todos bienvenidos, todas la nacionalidades.

There will be traditional FOOD, MUSIC, DANCE, & CEREMONY.
Tendremos comida tradicional, música, danza y ceremonia.

+Sales of Pan de Muerto, Sugar Skulls, Candles, & Flowers.

+Venta de Pan de muerto, calaveras de azúcar, Candelas y Flores y pintacaritas

Join us in the evening to celebrate our loved ones.
Acompañanos en una noche para celebrar a nuestros queridos difuntos.

Dress your best & Celebrate the Dead!!

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♥ Maria Mariposa & Xochi Quetzali

This is a family alcohol free event. Please respect the sacredness of our event. All are welcome to participate in the sharing of culture, healing, and celebrating the lives of our ancestors.

Este es un evento familiar y sin alcohol. Por favor respeta lo sagrado de nuestro evento. Todo el mundo esta invitado a participar y compartir la cultura, sanación y celebración de la vida de nuestros ancestros.

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We shall welcome my adopted Mayan Grandmothers and teachers to our community of Humboldt County in September 2019. Nana Tomasa and her eldest daughter Nana Sebastiania will be here for over 2 weeks. During that time we will be offering community ceremonies, private healing ceremonies, workshops, private healings, private divination’s and calendar readings, and much more. They will be here offering a cultural exchange of the Mayan Culture, while i share both my teachings and ways of both Native American Culture and Ceremony here in the States as well as Mexico and Guatemala. We welcome you to share this sacred time together.


Daremos la bienvenida a mis abuelas adoptadas y maestras mayas a nuestra comunidad del condado de Humboldt, California en septiembre de 2019. Nana Tomasa y su hija mayor Nana Sebastiania estarán aquí por más de 2 semanas. Durante ese tiempo ofreceremos ceremonias comunitarias, ceremonias de sanación privadas, talleres, curaciones privadas, lecturas de adivinación privada y calendario, y mucho más. Estarán aquí ofreciendo un intercambio cultural de la cultura Maya, mientras que yo comparto mis enseñanzas, cultura y ceremonia de los nativos americanos aquí en los Estados Unidos. Le invitamos a compartir este tiempo sagrado juntos.

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Private Ceremonies, Healings, & Divination’s

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- Mayan Spiritual Grandmothers Offerings -

- Personal Mayan Fire Ceremony + Mayan Calendar Reading-

3 hour private session with Nanas Tomasa, Sebastiana, & Xochiketzalli

- Mayan Abdominal Massage –

Half Hour Womb Healing with Nana Sebastiana

- Tz’ite Mayan Bean Divination & Basic Mayan Calendar Reading –

Approximately Half Hour Consultations with Nana Tomasa


Tz’ite Mayan Divination & Cholq’ij Calendar Reading

Nana Tomasa will begin each Consultation by using your birth date and the Cholq’ij Calendar to discover what nahual (daysign) you are. This will be a basic reading of your Mayan Astrology. Understanding the calendar (which is a map created by Ajaw (Creator)) helps us to understand who we are. Following this map we can better learn who we are destined to become. After about a 15 minute calendar reading, she then will proceed with a tz’ite bean divination. Using sacred beans she will divine any question you would like to ask. The calendar and los nahuales guide her during the divination.


Mayan Abdominal Massage

Nana Sebastiana is trained in the ancient womb care of abdominal massages. This now westernized healing practice comes from the Mayan World. This indigenous healing works on on reproductive health. Most commonly the massage is used on womxn with problems with menstrual problems (from irregular, painful…) or fertility issues (Problems getting pregnant…). The womb massage adjusts and relines the uterus that in many women are not centered. The practice may take several sessions to correct the position of a uterus and see benefits in fertility. Also womxn who can benefit from abdominal massage are those facing endometriosis, menopause, and prenatal and postpartum health.

There will also be a workshop offered during the Nana Sebastiana’s stay on self womb massage - learning the techniques of basic Mayan abdominal massage that is to be administered only on oneself.


Loq’laj Kotz’ij – Personal Mayan Fire Ceremony

Traditional Mayan Divination Ceremony calls the Spirits. This is an ancient form of prayer from Guatemala that uses the fire to communicate with the Ancestors.
These offerings are a way of giving food and life to Mother Earth. While feeding Mother Earth, the participants also feed themselves.

Mayan fire ceremonies are diverse, they have a clear intention and direct objective. some reasons to ask for a personal healing ceremony are; Asking for Healing, Gratitude Ceremony, Asking for Advice or Abundance, Cleansing of Negative Energy, Coming of Age Initiation, or Blessing of newborn (Baptism).

The 3 hour session begins with a 20 minute Mayan calendar reading (Mayan Astrology). You will discover your Mayan Nahual (day sign) and as well as your Mayan Cross. With this information one can better understand themselves, why they are here, what they may succeed at and what one must work on.

Then we switch gears in asking for the ceremony intention of the day and then preparing the fire. The actual fire ceremony is around 2 hours long.

The ceremony will be facilitated by Nana Tomasa, Nana Sebastiana, and Nana Xochiketzalli.

Itinerary Schedule

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Please email to schedule a private healing with Nana Tomasa, Nana Sebastiana, & Nana Xochiketzalli or for more information.

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