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Ceremonias, Arte, y Clases Indigenas 

Sanar Cuerpo, Mente,& Espiritu


"Tu usas los instrumentos para protegerte. Pero llegara un momento en que no vas a necistar." - Nana Sebestiana

"You use your instruments (Healing Tools/Medicines) to protect yourself. But there will come a time when they are no longer needed."

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“The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors.” - Chief Plenty Coups

Upcoming Classes


9 Moons Birth Classes
April - December 2019

9 Moons Birth Classes is a womb healing series for adult womxn. Prepare the womb emotionally & spiritually in ceremony within a tipi in a non-traditional monthly series.

Whether your pregnant, preparing for pregnancy, or simply wanting to heal the womb and rebirth oneself, these birthing classes will focus on healing trauma, fear, and much more.

Spirit Medicines Art Classes
Spring: April - May Autumn: Sept - Dec

Create your own Native American Sacreds and medicine tools with artist Xochiketzalli in her sacred yurt studio.

- Medicine Pouch Class -

- Rawhide Rattle Class -

- Elkskin Moccasin Class -

- Buffaloskin Drum Class -

9 Moons Coming of Age Series for Girls
April 2020- December 2020

9 Moons Coming of Age Series for Girls is a monthly class for young girls stepping into womanhood. It will focus on indigenous teachings of the moontime and womenhood. We meet near the Full Moon in a tipi. This is an intensive series for girls from 11 - 13 who are transitioning into women and want to make that special journey in Initiation and ritual. 


"Somos de las estrellas. We are from the Stars. Y de todos naciones. And are of all Nations." - Tata Pedro


Nahual Medicine Healings

Spirit Medicine Healings Combine different practices of Curanderismo from Mexico & Guatemala to the United States. It is a weaving of ancestral wisdom and intuitive arts using animal hides, skulls, wings, crystals, and plants that help heal body, mind, & Spirit.

Curaciones de Medicina Espiritual Combinan diferentes prácticas de Curanderismo de México y Guatemala a los Estados Unidos. Es un tejido de sabiduría ancestral y artes intuitivas que utiliza pieles de animales, cráneos, alas, cristales y plantas que ayudan a sanar cuerpo, mente y espíritu.


"Tu usas los instrumentos para protegerte. Pero llegara un momento en que no vas a necistar." - Nana Sebestiana

"You use your instruments (Healing Tools/Medicines) to protect yourself. But there will come a time when they are no longer needed."


Limpia energy clearings use specific medicine tools to cleanse and rid the body of negative energies, anger, sadness, dark spirits, and sickness. Ridding the body and spirit of these negative states, it brings forth wholenss and light in a spiritual cleansing. 



Limpias usan herramientas de medicina específicas para limpiar y liberar al cuerpo de las energías negativas, la ira, la tristeza, los espíritus oscuros y la enfermedad. Al librar al cuerpo y al espíritu de estos estados negativos, produce la totalidad y la luz en una limpieza espiritual.


"Find your dream. It's the pursuit of the dream that heals you."
- Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota

 Mayan Fire Ceremony 

           Loq’laj Kotz’ij

Traditional Mayan Divination Ceremony that calls the Spirits. This is an ancient form of prayer from Guatemala that uses the fire to communicate with the Ancestors.

These offerings are a way of giving food and life to Mother Earth. While feeding Mother Earth, the participants also feed themselves. The Fire Ceremony gives life and energy to all those who take part.


Ceremonia de adivinación maya tradicional que llama a los espíritus. Esta es una antigua forma de oración de Guatemala que usa el fuego para comunicarse con los Ancestros.
Estas ofrendas son una manera de darle comida y vida a la Madre Tierra. Al alimentar a la Madre Tierra, los participantes también se alimentan a sí mismos. La Ceremonia de Fuego da vida y energía a todos los que participan.


"Our meshica ancestors believed that the mission of every person on earth was to tear down the moons prison and take charge of their own dreams and their own life." - Sergio Magana

Mayan Divination

There are 3 forms of Mayan Divination. Using the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar to discover your Nahual and destiny is one, another is reading a smoking tobacco cigar, and the third is The Tz'ite Beans that are used for answering questions. All are forms of divination and communication with all creation energies and they can answer doubts, give one clarity, speak truths, or give one direction when lost in life.

Hay 3 formas de adivinación maya. Usar el Calendario Maya Tzolkin para descubrir su Nahual y el destino es uno, otro es leer un cigarro de tabaco para fumar, y el tercero es Los frijoles Tz'ite que se utilizan para responder preguntas. Todas son formas de adivinación y comunicación con todas las energías de la creación y pueden responder a las dudas, dar una claridad, decir verdades o dar una dirección cuando se pierden en la vida.


-Mayan Astrology reading -

Using the Tzolkin Quiche Mayan Lunar Calendar, Discover who you are (your nahual), where you come from, and your destiny.

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- Mayan PUro Divination -

The puro is a guatemalan cigar / tobacco that is used to divine answers when smoked by an Ajq'ijab. As well it may be used as a tool for a limpia.

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- Tz'ite Bean Divination -

The Tz'ite Beans are sacred red beans that are A form of divination and communication with all creation energies. 


"The main reasons to become a dreamer, are to deal with your past lives and fragments of yourself that are imprisoned in the underworld ( The underworld is simply a place where the mind is imprisoned.) , and to prepare yourself for your next death. A person who is able to dream consciously will die consciously." - Sergio Magana

- Dreamlodge -

Community Full Moon Ceremony for Women to gather in to share their deepest dreams with one another. We Sing, we Pray, we Laugh, we share our Obsidian Chanupas, and Dream the night away.


Ceremonia comunitaria de luna llena para que las mujeres se reúnan para compartir sus sueños más profundos. Cantamos, rezamos, nos reímos, compartimos nuetras pipas obsidianas, y soñamos toda la noche.

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