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Art Class Series, Birth Series, Girls Initiation Series

Spirit Medicines Art Class Series - Offered in Spring & Fall. 3 classes offered each season.

9 Moons Birth Classes - Healing the Womb & preparing for pregnancy 9 month Series

13 Moons for Girls - 13 month Initiation/Coming of Age Series for girls 10 - 13


Birth Classes-Healing the Womb

- Remembering yourself -
Recovering your own birth story & memories and releasing any pain
Copal & Tobacco Ceremony
April 21st 2018

- Planting the Seed -
Communicating with baby & creating Corn Husk Dolls
Conception Ceremony
May 12th

- Dreaming your Birth -
Visualizing your perfect birth
Bringing Light Ceremony
June 16th

- Releasing trauma -
Preparing & cleaning the womb of past sexual trauma, abortions, miscarriages…
Flower and Cedar Ceremony
July 7th

- Calling the Ancestors -
Inviting our Grandmothers into our birth circle
Lighting the Candles Ceremony
August 11th

- Death of the Maiden -
Releasing the Maiden Spirit and evoking the Mother Spirit
Water Cleansing Ceremony
September 8th

- Cutting the Cord -
Releasing fear associated with birth
Obsidian Knife Ceremony
October 20th

- Finding the Quietude -
Releasing fear around pain and inviting pain in as an ally
Limpia Ceremony
November 3rd

- Rebirthing the Womb -
Surrendering physically, emotionally, & spiritually to the unknow
Sweatlodge Ceremony
December 8th

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Spirit Medicines Spring/Fall Art Class Series
Offering 3+ Classes per Season. Learn to make your own Medicine Pouch, a rawhide deerskin & deer antler rattle, elkskin moccasins, or a buffaloskin rawhide hand drum!

- Deerskin Medicine Pouch (with fur from your animal totem) - March & September

- Rawhide Deerskin Rattle (with fur from your animal totem) - April & October

- Elkskin Adult Moccasins - May & November

- Rawhide Buffaloskin Hand Drum - December


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------13 Moons Girls Initiation Series ------



For 13 Months we will meet together near the Full Moon on Saturday in a Native American Tipi to share our stories together of growing up. 



Each class will have a different focus and theme with teachings, discussion, & ritual.



In the final class all the young women will be initiated in a traditional indigenous Mayan Fire Ceremony / Coming of Age Ceremony.

More Information Coming Soon - Series will start September 2019