My Cosmic Identity

Xochi Quetzalli



My name is Xochi Quetzalli. Precious Flower, born of the hairs of mother earth. My abuela gave me this Nahuatl name. It represents fertility, beauty, & female sexual power. Patroness of Pregnancy, Childbirth, Flowers, Love, & the Arts. My cosmic identity of my 20 day time cycle is the Precious Flower.


Most the ceremonies and elders i work with have passed on their teachings thro oral tradition. In these ancient indigenous traditions, one learns these ways by showing up again and again, by helping out, & getting it. i have been very blessed to study with many different teachers. i have been adopted into the mayan tradition and have NUMEROUS teachers and elders to turn to in guatemaya. Tho i was initiated into these ways and studied with 3 quiche mayan GRANDMOTHERS/Nanas. i am also blessed to walk with and work with a mexica-american Grandmother/Abuela that has taught me much about not just the mexica cultura but as well as leadership.

I have learned from many elders of different traditions thro my commitments to my dances, Sundance and Moondance. and LASTLY, my visions, ETERNAL knowing,and Dreams guide me. I pray daily to my ancestors and the grandmothers walk with me, always guiding me.

oral tradition does not live on the web. Its first hand knowledge that is passed on in ceremony. My website does not sell anything. It PROVIDe SOLELY information about community ceremonies, personal ceremonies, healings, classes, birthwork, & artwork. You cannot purchase Ceremony nor spirituality.

for clarity, community ceremonies are always free. Personal ceremonies are donation based. Healings are affordable. Classes are offered at a low income base. And as for my artwork, you can view it at my etsy shop for purchases.

I decided to name this web page Xochiketzalli because i needed to bring my offerings all together under one webpage. And my name i was given brings all my offerings back together, into one place. Here i bring my art and beauty, childbirth and pregnancy, and female power and the flowers. 


I am of mixed ancestry. Native California Indian, Mexican, & a lot of European. I work in ceremony with many nations all over Turtle Island and walk the Good Red Road. I travel for ceremony and work with Nations all over the States, Canada, Mexico, & Guatemala.

I was born in Humboldt County, have lived and traveled all over the world, and now live in Eureka, CA.