Nahual Medicine Healings


Nahual Medicine Healings combine different practices of curanderismo from Mexico & Guatemala to the United States. It is a weaving of ancestral wisdom and intuitive arts using earth medicines that help heal body, mind, & spirit. 


Curaciones de Medicina Espiritual Combinan diferentes prácticas de Curanderismo de México y Guatemala a los Estados Unidos. Es un tejido de sabiduría ancestral y artes intuitivas que utiliza pieles de animales, cráneos, alas, cristales y plantas que ayudan a sanar cuerpo, mente y espíritu.



- A Weaving of Ancestral Medicines -

Wolf Medicine - Full Alaskan Wolf Hide

Smaller 4 Legged Medicine - Beaver, Coyote, Otter, & Arctic Fox Hides

4 Legged Medicine (skulls) - Eagle, Deer, Coyote, Bear, Buffalo

Winged Ones Medicine - Eagle, Hawk, Raven, Owl 

Smaller Winged Ones Medicine - Blue Jay, Hummingbird, Flicker, Owl

Plant Medicine (Smudging) - Tobacco, Copal, Cedar, Sage

Plant Medicine (Limpia) - Rosemary, Rue, Mugwort, Prairie Sage

Crystal Medicine - Amber, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Quartz, Labordorite 

Nahual Medicine Healings has came thro a vision and from my teachings in Meso America. I was able to work once with a Chumash curandera of the tradition here in California shortly before she passed. Since then i evoke her in my prayers everyday and she has let me carry on some of her teachings with healing with animals and plants. 


"Cecilia believed that, when her transition is complete, she will be passing her gifts on to those who truly did  'get it'  and have the courage to carry on the work."


- Limpias -



Limpia Energy Clearings use specific medicine tools to cleanse and rid the body of negative energies, anger, dark spirits, and sickness. Thus evoking & bringing forth wholeness & light in a spiritual cleansing. 

Limpia usan herramientas de medicina específicas para limpiar y liberar al cuerpo de las energías negativas, la ira, la tristeza, los espíritus oscuros y la enfermedad. Al librar al cuerpo y al espíritu de estos estados negativos, produce la totalidad y la luz en una limpieza espiritual.


- Medicine Tools -

Copal Smoke - to purify

Tobacco Smoke - Suck out negative energies

Cana Liquor - Suck out bad spirits

Plant Bundles - Release Negativities

Drum or Rattle - Recenter & realign spirit in body


A limpia is used to cleanse the spirit and determine what is ailing the body. 


The most common requests for limpias in Mexico are, removal of mal de ojo and sustos. Mal de Ojo is basically the evil eye; when someone looks at you with jealousy or envy, their negative energy can transfer over, affecting the receiver mentally and even physically.  Sustos are when you have experienced a frighting experience, or traumatic event in your life. Sometimes you need to call in your Child Spirit to re-unit with it (if the susto happened when young). This is similar to Soul Retrieval. When a part of your spirit has left your body, again because of a traumatic experience. 


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