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Doula Services

I believe birth is a ceremony. It is an initiation into Motherhood and a transition of leaving behind the younger self, the maiden. I encourage you to dream the wildest and most outlandish birth story. There are no limits, only the mind stops are dreams from coming true. 

Yes in pregnancy, so many fears come up around the birth of our precious little one. Yet if we do the spiritual and emotional work ahead of time, perhaps; just perhaps we can create a perfect dream birth. 

Birth doesnt need to facilitated by doctors in a hospital. It can be, if you choose so, but it can also be in nature, in the water, in your own home. When the perfect birthing cocoon is set up, all the participants of this initiation are in alignment and on the same wave length, then birth truly becomes one of a women's most beautiful experiences of her life.

Do you believe you have every power within to give birth by yourself? Because you do! But If you are looking for a doula to hold your ceremonial space as you do the work to bring life forth into this world, and just a little extra encouragement and help, then perhaps we would be a perfect fit...

I have been certified as a doula with The Matrona School.

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Mayan Baptism

Traditional Indigenous Mayan Ceremony honoring a newborn's life. 

Within the first year of birth or on its first birthday, honoring your newborn's life in a traditional ceremony from the South. 

In the photo to the left, in my teacher, Nana Tomasa of K'iche Maya decedent honoring and baptizing a newborn. She has passed these teachings on to me and now offer it to my community. 


Ceremonia Maya tradicional indígena que honra la vida de un recién nacido.

Dentro del primer año de nacimiento o en su primer cumpleaños, honrar la vida de su recién nacido en una ceremonia tradicional del Sur.


9 Moons Birth Classes


9 Moons is a 9-month Prenatal class series that will take one spiritually and emotionally into the womb to heal and prepare for birth.

We will meet each month, on a Saturday near the New Moon. We will complete our journeys in December with a Sweatlodge where we will finish up our work re-birthing ourselves. The classes will be held inside a Native American tipi with a fire each new moon.

We will begin the class each month with a mediation and visualization. There will be topics we are covering each class, with a ceremony tied in. We will journal about our process and everyone will bring home a memento from each class to help encourage one to continue doing the spiritual work associated with the last ceremony.

“I hope the tipi, fire, and medicine tools used in each class will truly evoke the act of ceremony, healing the womb, and preparing for pregnancy/birth.”

The series is open to all people. Pregnant mamas, to women dreaming to give birth or starting to prepare, and as well for conscious women who want to dive in deep and heal their womb and spiritually rebirth oneself.

9 Lunas es una serie de clases prenatales de 9 meses que llevará a uno espiritual y emocionalmente al útero para sanar y prepararse para el nacimiento.

Nos reuniremos cada mes, un sábado cerca de la Luna Nueva. Completaremos nuestros viajes en diciembre con un Temescal donde terminaremos nuestro trabajo de nuevo parto. Las clases se llevarán a cabo dentro de un tipi nativo americano con un fuego cada luna nueva.

Comenzaremos la clase cada mes con una mediación y visualización. Habrá temas que cubriremos en cada clase, con una ceremonia ligada. Cada enfoque de las ceremonias se derivará de mis enseñanzas con los mayas y los mexicas y el curanderismo. Rendiremos un diario sobre nuestro proceso y todos traerán a casa un recuerdo de cada clase para ayudar a alentar a uno a continuar haciendo el trabajo espiritual asociado con la última ceremonia.

"Espero que las herramientas de tipi, fuego y medicina utilizadas en cada clase realmente evoquen el acto de la ceremonia, la curación del útero y la preparación para el embarazo / el parto".

La serie está abierta a todas las personas. Mamas embarazadas, mujeres que sueñan con dar a luz o que comienzan a prepararse, y también mujeres conscientes que quieren sumergirse en lo profundo y sanar su útero y renacer espiritualmente.


9 Moons Birth Classes


Saturday from 1 - 4pm

Humboldt Hill, Eureka California

The general class format is as follows below.


-         Smudge, Entering the Tipi

-         Personal Introductions

-         Mediation & Visualization

-         Prayer & Ceremony

-         Journaling

-         Sharing

-         Closing Song


Remembering yourself

Recovering your own birth story & memories and releasing any pain

Copal & Tobacco Ceremony

April 21st 2018

The altar will be adorned in flowers and crystals. The medicine tools that we will use to ignite our 9 moons journey will first be Copal. The sacred resin and medicine of Mexico. Each student will be heavily smudged in copal with an owl wing in hand to connect and cleanse your own birth story. Then with the medicine of tobacco, it will be blown upon your face to help wake up your birth memory. After remembering our births, we will use cedar to let go of any trauma that is associated with our own birth story.


Planting the Seed

Communicating with baby & creating Corn Husk Dolls

Conception Ceremony

May 12th

The altar will be adorned with birthing herbs, corn, and corn husks. We will call upon in prayer the patroness of birth in the Mexica Cultura and smudge our bodies and minds with Copal so that it may take us into the dreamtime. With song we will then join our spirit baby from the other side to this reality and weave them into a physical body inside our womb. If already pregnant, one will dream of the healing any trauma associated to the moment of conception. Then we will take the corn husks off the altar and create corn husks dolls to symbolize fertility and birth that will later be taken home and put on ones own altar.


Dreaming your Birth

Visualizing your perfect birth

Bringing Light Ceremony

June 16th

The altar will be adorned with candles and incense. The opening mediation and bringing light ceremony will fold into one another. There will be drumming and mediation to lead us into the dreamtime. There we will dream up (imagine) the perfect birth of your child from the moment of one’s water breaking to delivering the placenta. Bringing Light is the exact translation from Spanish (Dar a Luz) that means to give birth. We will light candles as we each bring to light our perfect births in the dreamtime.


Releasing trauma

Preparing & cleaning the womb of past sexual trauma, abortions, miscarriages…

Flower and Cedar Ceremony

July 7th

The altar will be adorned with flowers, cedar, and candles. There will be a glass bowl passed around to put flowers in that represent the loss of a child or sexual trauma. In a continuous low drumming chant, women will speak loud and share their stories. Adding in their flowers. And putting cedar in the fire to let go and release all womb trauma)


Calling the Ancestors

Inviting our Grandmothers into our birth circle

Lighting the Candles Ceremony

August 11th

The altar will be adorned with candles, fruit, nuts, bread… Offerings for our ancestors. We will call in & evoke our female ancestral lineage’s. Students will need to come prepared to class with a list of all your ancestor’s names. As well as names of deceased friends, loved ones, teachers... With Candles we will evoke each ancestor that we wish to walk with us in birth. Calling upon our guides that will be present in our birth.


Death of the Maiden

Releasing the Maiden Spirit and evoking the Mother Spirit

Water Cleansing Ceremony

September 8th

The altar will be adorned with crystals, plants, candles, and water. We will use the spirit of water in a limpia to let go of the Maiden and invite in the Mother Spirit. Using mugwort as a women’s moon ally, we will dip the leaves into vases of water and perform a cleansing and releasing of the Maiden and then lighting a candle invite in the Mother Spirit all while in drum and song.


Cutting the Cord

Releasing fear associated with birth

Obsidian Knife Ceremony

October 20th

The altar will be adorned with Obsidian Crystals and candles. We will use the Mexica teachings of the Cuchillo Obsidiana to cut away physically & spiritually fear in our bodies. Obsidian draws out heavy and painful feelings. This is to say, we will each use a obsidian flecha and mediate with it as we pass it over our bodies and focus into the body parts that hold fear, then spiritually cut away at the fear and pass it into the fire.



Finding the Quietude

Releasing fear around pain and inviting pain in as an ally

Limpia Ceremony

November 3rd

The altar will be adorned with fresh plants, such as Rue, Rosemary, Mugwort, Sweetgrass… With these plants each student will wrap a bundle and use it as their own personal limpia (cleansing) to let go of the fear around pain in birth. Each women will be instructed on how to do this themselves during prayer and drum while sage, tobacco, copal, and cedar burns. During this they will invite pain in as an ally and communicate with the Spirit of Pain. The students will take home the bundle to cast it into the ocean to release all the negative energies & fears.



Rebirthing the Womb

Surrendering physically, emotionally, & spiritually to the unknown

Sweatlodge Ceremony

December 8th

The altar will be the Sweatlodge. This will be the last class and it will be about 5 hours, as well it will held in a different location. Bringing all the teachings of the past 8 moons together and physically releasing and detoxing our bodies. The traditional 4 door sweat will be gentle, healing, and complete our time together. We will mediate, sing, pray, and be reborn inside our mothers womb.

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